Global and Listed Company Audit

To assist clients with global presence and have the ambition to take the businesses further via initial public offering exercise (IPO).

Our teams of specialists combine a global mindset and local experience with deep industry knowledge and superior analytic tools help you navigate an increasingly complex and fragmented IPO process.

Global and listed company audit

Companies entering the global market are on the rise. However, the distinctive statutory and compliance requirements differ by country and this renders it as one of the key challenges.

We have a large multi-industrial network necessary to provide global, high-quality audits. Paul Wan & Co is part of Morison Global and is committed to deliver outstanding services to global businesses. Our firm is a part of an association that has members in more than 75 countries. In other words, we are truly global.

Your company is in safe hands with us, whether it requires intricate group audit services or observance of overseas statutory audits. Through the aid of our worldwide global network, we will help you make crucial decisions with accurate global financial information. We approach your issues directly with attention to details, enabling us to gain deep insights into your global entity.