We would like to congratulate our managing partner, Mr. Paul Wan, to be elected to the position of chairmen of Morison KSi (Now known as Morison Global), our global network of 160 accounting firms in 85 different territories.

Paul Wan has been elected Chair, and Mark Baran Vice-Chair, of the Morison KSi Limited Board of Directors, on the retirement of the current Chair Jean-Pierre Larroze who has retired from his firm Aplitec in Paris, a founding member of the association. Jean-Pierre was Chair from 2001 to 2015, and from 2019 to his retirement. He will continue to act as a Special
Adviser to the association’s African regional Board.

Paul, the founder of Paul Wan & Co, Singapore, has played a key role in the development of the association for almost 30 years and has made an immense contribution to the Asia Pacific region. Prior to his appointment as Chair, Paul was Vice-Chair as well as Chair of the Asia Pacific Board since its establishment in 1992. Paul is the first Asian to chair a global association founded and based in the West. His professional profile is attached.

“Our business and daily lives have changed tremendously over the past few years by the rapid development of technology. We all have to embrace these changes, and our association will continue to develop and implement skill sets to keep pace with technological changes.”

“Covid-19 has brought new challenges to our personal, business, and professional lives. However, with challenges come opportunities. With our CEO and leadership team, I will work with members to seize these opportunities”.

Paul Wan’s Professional Profile

Chair of the Board of Directors of Morison KSi Limited – 17 September 2020 (Now known as Morison Global)

Achievements, leadership and management attributes

  • Led in the establishment and development of sustainable professional practice, from scratch, in a fiercely competitive environment, to be among the top 2% of professional accountancy practices in Singapore.
  • A significant contribution to the development of Morison KSi, particularly in the Asia Pacific. Skilled in international environments and relationships as the whole of his professional career was in the international arena.
  • Leader by vision combined with action to implement commitments and build sustainable relationships based on trust and performance.
  • Regular speaker and writer on the Asia Economies. Delivered lectures in many parts of the world, including Paris (organized by La Tribune and other financial press on 6 occasions), Australia, Taiwan, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Seoul, Tokyo, Mumbai, New Delhi, Dubai, Buenos Aires, Montevideo, San Jose, and London.

Official Announcement in PDF.

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